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Calling All Children

Ages: Infant to 8 yrs old

Thursday, April 23, 2009

*Calling ALL grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts…all who have precious young children*

What is the best gift you can give?

Whenever I was talking with children and asked them this question, there was always an assortment of answers. When the child was finished sharing and asked for my answer, I’d faithfully respond: *Time*

There’s nothing better than spending time with children. Having them jump on my lap and sink into my chest, to excitingly anticipate a story told by grandpa.

Wondering what to purchase for a gift?

God, has blessed me with a gift. A gift to write children’s books. With His guidance, the pages in my books are filled with dynamic illustrations and each story is told to snag the attention of the little ones. The stories include a powerful life-skill message to share and teach in a fun way.

Not such a bad way for me to spend time with the ones I love. I cannot think of a better thing to do with my time than to read a story with my grandchild on my lap.

Interested in purchasing one or all of my books from the “All God’s Critters Series”? Just click HERE to order.

Still not sure if you should purchase one of my books?

Please, read what other customers whom purchased my books are saying:

“I love this story! I love the message behind it. I love the importance of patience that it conveys. Just like Jay Miller's other book, "Sal and Sally", it is wonderfully written and enjoyable to read. There is a message of family, commitment to an idea, a dream, a hope, a desire. Don't pass this book up. My children love it and even like reading it themselves. This is just the starting off point of what is showing to be a great line of books that I am sure will continue to prove themselves excellent.”>Filiocht<

“How can you go wrong with the message in this story? It is fun to read and the kids haven't tired of hearing it read to them. Catchy "jingles"!”>J. Poole “Poolio”

“This is a very entertaining children's book with great illustrations that make the kids laugh:)” >Chase Bryce<

“Wow, what a charming story. My son loves this book. Our family enjoys singing with the story. You are never too young or too old to stop wishing and dreaming. The power of possitive thinking. Great Bed Time Story. "Think Happy Thoughts" Can't wait for the next one.”>J. Vanover<

“My kids love this book. Bingo's song is one that will catch on and stick, and I liked the message behind the story, of family, giving, and friendship. We could all take a lesson from Bingo!” >Shell Bell<

“This great little book is a favorite in our house. The story is happy, friendly, and quick. The sing-song is one your kids will be drawn to over and over again and gets stuck in your head.
Aside from all the fun is a clear message about family and the importance of giving. Your kids will surely enjoy this book.”
>W. Lohman<

“Absolutely delightful ! Jay Miller's wonderful imagination and sense of prose makes Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear an excellent choice.
This book is beautifully illustrated and Bingo will steal your heart with every turn of the page.
I will enjoy sharing it for years to come.”
>Margie Adams<

“Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear is a delightful story for kids set in rhyming verse and song. Its full-color illustrations are comically appealing as well as tender, and blend well with the storyline. It touches on real-life lessons of growing old, being kind to others, and replacing bad habits with good ones. Highly recommended!”

“I bought this book for my son Cary who has autism. He really loved the story and the pictures. He particularly thought that it was funny when Sal and Sally get stuck in a bubble and Nasty Nick, a shark who wants to eat them, cannot pop the bubble and get to them. It was a lot of fun and now he is reading it by himself!” >Dawn Wolfson<

“Kids will wear this one out choosing their favorite happy fish. The little fish come alive in this fun and colorful story. Toddlers will mimic the cute fish blowing bubbles, so get your camera ready! Jay Miller has truly captured the simple pleasure of a child in this one.” >Parent of 2<

“This is a wonderful toddler book. The story is so cute and the illustrations are adorable. I give this book 5 stars & 2 thumbs up. Looking forward to the next book in the series.” >S. Poole<

“Opal, Herby and Squeaky is the third book for children by author Jay Miller. I was gifted with signed copies of all three of his books by Jay Miller himself for my darling grandsons and what a delightful blessing the books are! All three of Jay's books (Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear; Sal and Sally; and Opal, Herby and Squeaky) share Christian values with a strong moral lesson to be learned in a simple yet charming way. The illustrations are colorful and fun and the stories easy to read. Plus lyrics to songs by and about story characters are included at the end of the story that the kids can sing and play around with which is fun.

Of all three of Jay Miller's books (Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear; Sal and Sally; Opal Herby and Squeaky); Opal, Herby and Squeaky is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, all three books are fun but Opal, Herby and Squeaky made me laugh the most.

The book starts out with Opal the furry black kitten needing a home. So she did what any sensible Christian kitten would do, she prayed for a home and was granted one IF she could catch a little gray mouse. In Opal's new home, she was quite serious about her job to catch the naughty little gray mouse named Squeaky who is stealing all the food from the other home's resident, the little red weiner dog named Herby.

Herby the weiner dog is happy Opal has come to live with them and wants to be friends and share his food with her but there is no food to share because that greedy mouse Squeaky steals it all every night. Opal prays for help to catch the naughty mouse and God answers that he will help her but that Opal must offer Squeaky a chance to repent from his naughty ways once she's caught him.

After Opal catches Squeaky the mouse, he does repent from his naughty ways, gives back all the food he stole and the three animals become best friends. The owner is amazed that a kitten, a dog and a mouse are best friends and they all praise God who has made such a thing possible!

Opal, Herby and Squeaky is best for younger readers. My nine year old grandson considered himself "too old" for it (his words!). But I think younger readers will enjoy the story and I think the bright colorful illustrations should really capture their attention too.”
>T. Wilson<

Now are you interested in buying one or all of my books?

Please click HERE to purchase. Just follow the simple navigation instructions and VERY SOON you will have your very own book(s) to share with the children you love.

Gosh, I can just feel the warmth of their little bodies snuggling up close to mine as I read…

Enjoy, and God bless;

Jay Miller
Inspirational Writer of Children Literature
All God’s Critters Series

Friday, April 17, 2009

Author Jay Miller Interview

“Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally”, and “Opal, Herby and Squeaky”

By: Official Apex Reviews

***To view interview/purchase, go to: http://mybingobooks.com/ ***

Apex Reviews (AR): Jay, thanks for joining us for this interview. We're looking forward to learning more about your books.

Jay Miller (JM): Thank you for this opportunity to speak about them. Thank you especially for the wonderful and professional review Apex performed as well. I am very pleased that the books were found to be worthy of such a high rating.

“Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” professional review rating: 4.5/5
“Sal and Sally” professional review rating: 5/5
“Opal, Herby and Squeaky” professional review rating 5/5

AR: It’s our pleasure. What exactly makes Bingo so musically inclined?

JM: Honey, I think! Most bears, after a good afternoon snack, the honey bees always seem to sting them in their rear end as they run away. They’ll spend hours afterwards shaking their bottoms, which makes them appear to be dancing. Bingo comes from a long line of “Dancing Bears.”

AR: Out of all the instruments that he could choose from, what is it about the banjo that captivates Bingo's interest?

JM: It’s that Hillbilly picking sound that goes with the dance; it’s got that certain swing to it. It could just as easily have been a fiddle, except he liked the banjo picking sound better. Besides, Grandpa said fiddling can sometimes get you in trouble.

AR: Why is his relationship with his Grandpa so special?

JM: All Grandpas are special! They always have time to take you fishing and do lots of other fun things. Naturally, if you can keep their attention, then you’ll be their favorite. Then, they’ll teach you lots of important things you wouldn’t normally get to know.

AR: In “Sal and Sally”, what inspired you to use sea creatures as the main characters for the story?

JM: It follows along the lines of my “All God’s Critters” novel as story # 2. That story is about two fish named Sal and Sally, only the story is different. It begins with the thrilling excitement of actually experiencing the fish eggs being laid and what happens from there (you’d have to read the book to experience that first hand to believe it). Toddlers wouldn’t understand it, so I decided to let them blow some bubbles instead. I figured the kids would like that.

AR: Is there really such a thing as a Texas Long Nose Cowboy Shark?

JM: Several locals claim to have spotted them along the Texas coastline. Some were claimed to have longer noses than others, but they all appeared to be wearing red Cowboy hats.

AR: What is the main message that you'd like readers to take away from “Sal and Sally”?

JM: Making friends and learning to get along with everyone. Also, understanding how to try and turn a bad situation into something good.

AR: What draws you to Christian fiction?

JM: I knew many years ago that I wanted to write, but I thought it would be mystery novels. When the time came to get started, something led me in this direction instead. I believe that something was God.

AR: What inspired you to create and develop the "All God's Critters" series?

JM: Again, that’s where God led me to start writing. I find it easy to tell the stories using various critters in each. I think people will relate more closely with them. I like to bring them to life as much as possible, yet leaving them in their natural surroundings.

AR: Have you shared the books in the series with churches, bible camps, or other religious institutions?

JM: That is my next step. I’ve been waiting to get the first three books completed in the series to introduce them. Having good professional review ratings now will make that task much easier.

AR: The illustrations in your books are outstanding. Who did them?

JM: “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” was done professionally by Bobbi Switzer through Outskirts Press. “Sal and Sally” was done professionally by Jessica Ball (my niece). “Opal, Herby, and Squeaky” was done professionally by Lee Qualls (my granddaughter). I was extremely pleased with each.

AR: We noticed that you published “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” through Outskirts Press. What was your experience like with them?

JM: I found their service to be outstanding. They were very helpful and professional in every detail. I would highly recommend them, and I plan to use their service again.

AR: You published “Sal and Sally” through Gather Community Press. Please share more with our readers about them.

JM: Gather Community Press operates through AuthorHouse Publishing. It’s a means for special benefits for members of the Gather Community site to have access to self publishing. My book was the first book to be published through them. Again, as with Outskirts Press, I was pleased with their service.

AR: What are your future writing/publishing plans?

JM: I plan on trudging ahead. Unless, by some miracle, I get an offer from a traditional publisher, I’ll be self publishing my books. I have faith in what God wants me to do (I have not submitted any books for consideration).

AR: Do you have a website where our readers can learn more about you and your efforts?

JM: They may visit my website, called “All God’s Critters”, at http://mybingobooks.com. I am also engaged with many writing and social groups where I have support and encouragement from many friends.

AR: Also, how can they contact you directly?

JM: jmdls@charter.net.

AR: Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

JM: Bringing happiness to children and bringing them closer to God is the goal I have set. This is what God wants me to do. I want to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Year! Remember everyday to thank God for another beautiful day…it’s all about Him. Thank you for the outstanding service, the wonderful reviews, and this professional interview. You have made me feel right at home.

AR: Thanks again, Jay, and best of continued success to you in all your endeavors!

JM: Thank You!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Miller Donates 10% Of ALL Royalties

Press Release to ALL my friends



Inspirational Author of Children Literature will
HAPPILY donate 10% of ALL royalties from the

All God’s Critter’s Series
The Grace for Children Foundation Inc.

To support needy children all over the world

My friends, are you interested in purchasing “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally” and/or “Opal, Herby and Squeaky”?

Today, please visit my personal site at: http://www.mybingobooks.com. Purchase one, two or all three of my books and know your contribution will be a blessing to these children.

PLUS…you will add to your bookshelf a story that has been given rave reviews.

“Bingo The Banjo Picking Bear will surely liven up many a bedtime readings, at the same time teaching youngsters all over the world that their most fervent wishes can indeed come true--as long as they're made for the right reasons.”>Apex Reviews< “Opal, Herby, and Squeaky is a welcome literary treat with a powerful, inviting message.” >Apex Reviews< “Sure to become a permanent addition to personal libraries, Sal and Sally is an engaging tale, both enlightening and entertaining.” >Apex Reviews< style="font-weight: bold;">

God Bless: Jay Miller