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Calling All Children

Ages: Infant to 8 yrs old

Friday, May 29, 2009

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Jay Miller
Inspirational Writer of Children Literature
All God’s Critters Series

Friday, May 8, 2009

Opal, Herby, and Squeaky


Title: Opal, Herby, and Squeaky
Author: Jay Miller
ISBN: 978-1-4389-1808-2
Genre: Children (Toddler age 3 to 6)
Pages: 20
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Opal is a lovable black cat without a home. Opal’s life changes one day when she crosses the path of a caring human. She is brought to this human’s new home and meets her playmate, Herby, a good natured wiener dog. Quickly, Opal and Herby become the best of friends.

Now in this human’s house, Herby has a problem with Squeaky, a smart mouse. Every night, Herby cannot seem to catch Squeaky who steals his food.

Opal loves to eat mice for a snack, so when she hears of Herby’s problem, she happily volunteers to catch the mouse. Herby is thrilled and accepts Opal’s help with one condition…she must promise not to hurt the mouse. Herby and Opal plan a way to catch Squeaky, but Opal makes no promises.

Squeaky overhears all the details of the trap. That night, she is careful not to get caught.

Opal’s trap fails. She really wants to catch Squeaky so she heeds the advice of Herby and prays to the Lord for guidance.

The Lord instructs Opal on how to catch Squeaky; however, she must give the mouse a chance to repent for stealing. If Squeaky repents, Opal is to release the mouse unharmed.

“Opal, Herby, and Squeaky”, is the third book in the “All God’s Critters” series. On every page, Jay miller fills this delightful tale with eye catching illustrations and lovable characters that will come alive before any youngster’s eyes as the story unfolds. Drawn into this animal world, listeners of any age (young and old) will be hooked right from the start as they are shown the life lessons of powerful morals and values from Opal, Herby, and Squeaky. The listeners learn the importance of friendship, the power of forgiveness, and how the Lord will guide them through prayer.

This tale of a lovable cat, a friendly wiener dog, and a sneaky mouse is a fun story with many teachable moments. You will find yourself laughing along with the character’s dilemmas and satisfied knowing the child you love is learning life lessons.

I highly recommend this book for children and all those who are young at heart. A story no one will ever tire of hearing.

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Sal and Sally


Title: Sal and Sally
Author: Jay Miller
ISBN: 978-1-935028-13-0
Genre: Children (Toddler age 3 to 6)
Pages: 23
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Sal and Sally are best friends that enjoy playing together and discovering new adventures. One day, the two happy-go-lucky sea bass stumble upon the most amazing pastime…they learn how to blow bubbles! In the ocean they blow big bubbles, little bubbles, and bubbles of many different colors. For hours, just the two of them laugh and swim around all the blown bubbles until Nellie, the octopus, swims over to join in.

Nellie sees how much fun Sal and Sally are having and really wants to join them. But Nellie has a big problem…she doesn’t know how to blow bubbles.

Sal and Sally gaily come to Nellie’s rescue and are happy to teach her. Nellie proves she is an excellent student when she exhales and blows a huge bubble. A bubble so enormous, it engulfs Sal and Sally inside.

Sal and Sally attempt to pop the bubble, but to no avail. And what’s worse—Nasty Nick, the Texas long nose shark, comes by and now they are in real danger. Afraid, Sal and Sally can only watch as he approaches.

Nasty Nick is looking for dinner and can now see his meal trapped inside this bubble. He attempts to pop the bubble with his long nose; but like Sal and Sally’s attempt, the bubble just won’t burst.

Sal and Sally are safe, but this leaves Nellie outside the bubble and looking scrumptious for Nick’s next meal. Will this be Nellie’s last frolic with her two new friends or will Nasty Nick have a change of heart and let Nelly go free?

Once again, Jay Miller composes a delightful tale.

In a joyful way of learning, Miller uses rich descriptions, delivering powerful messages of life values and morals—playing and working together in a way that shows even a nasty shark needs friends. In “Sal and Sally,” the colorful illustrations compliment the story and are sure to grab the little listeners’ attention. With joyful songs at the end of the story, everyone will surely be dancing about the room as they envision many bubbles bouncing and floating around them.

“Sal and Sally” is sure to be a favorite on any child’s bookcase. I recommend this book for those children who have lots of energy. Those who love to dance, sing and have fun. And adults who wish to spread positive life values and morals to those little ones they love.

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Book Reviews - Author Jay Miller


Title: Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear
Author: Jay Miller
ISBN: 978-1-4327-0739-2
Genre: Children (Toddler age 3 to 6)
Pages: 34
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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From the time Bingo is a little cub, he wants to do two things….sing and fish. If he isn’t fishing with his grandpa, he is dancing and singing around the house. Now Bingo is a very happy bear, but he feels he is missing one thing that would put him on cloud nine. Bingo wants a banjo. He wants to play while he dances and sings.

One day, Bingo is fishing with his grandpa and he catches a tiny fish. This is no ordinary fish. It is a genie fish. A scared little genie fish that is so desperately tells Bingo that if he lets him go he will grant Bingo a wish. Bingo tells the tiny fish he wants a banjo so he can play and sing all day long. Knowing his wish would come true; Bingo gladly put the tiny fish back in the water.

The weeks pass. Years pass, and still Bingo has no banjo. Even though grandpa is now in heaven and Bingo is so much older, he still sings and dances, but he cannot remember what it was he wished for.

One day, while fishing and sending songs to his grandpa, Bingo catches a BIG fish—the genie fish. The fish recognizes Bingo and they start to talk. Bingo suddenly remembers his wish and wants to know why he did not get his banjo…

“Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” is full of colorful pictures and songs that compliment the delightful writing of author, Jay Miller. The illustrations are sure to capture the reader’s full attention. Your child will have images dancing in his/her head; and together, you will dance and sing the songs. Entwined within all the fun and entertainment, is Jay’s wonderful message of thankfulness, patience, joy and family.

“Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” will become a favorite on your child’s bookshelf for many years. As a grandpa, Miller understands the importance of reading to our children. Miller believes reading, singing and dancing is a fun way to teach important morals and values to young children.

I recommend “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear” to toddlers who love to sing and dance. And for adults who want too teach their little ones morals while they play.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Author Jay Miller Interview

Posted by: Brian Knight of Premium Promotional Services
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Author Bio

Jay Miller is an inspirational writer of children literature. Currently, his 3 books, “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally”, and “Opal, Herby and Squeaky” from the *All God’s Critters Series* are producing rave comments and 5-star official reviews from all his fans and followers.

Being a grandpa, with a heart of gold and unlimited determination, Jay is on a mission to spread God’s word in an enjoyable way to young children. Through the articulate illustrations and inspirational words from each page, Jay cannot help but smile knowing that Ten percent of all his royalties go to the Grace for Children Foundation Inc. to support needy children as he is the founder of the newly formed “Rock the Babies” Foundation.

To learn more about Jay Miller, please view his site at: http://www.mybingobooks.com, where you will be able to read author interviews, official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos on each told tale.

What motivated you too write children's books?

My intentions were to write mystery novels. But when the time came to get started, I think Jesus had other plans. He put beautiful, innocent words and thoughts in my mind, which led me instead, to carry His message of love to little children. I have found much joy in that.

You have developed so many wonderful and colorful characters for your books. Which character is your favorite? Why?

Bingo, because he was my first fun character. He also plays a big role in my “All God’s Critters” Young adult novel I’m writing. (Comedy/Adventure) Bears are easy, lovable, and fun to write about. Did you know that Dancing Bears only appear to be dancing? Most likely, they’ve been Bee stung in the rear end while trying to rob honey.
Opal runs a close 2nd. She’ll steal a lot of hearts.

Music and song play a large role in your stories. Are you a musician as well as an author?

Yes, I play several musical instruments, but not professional. My intention however is for the children to experience Christian values and morals, to sing and play for the Lord. He likes music. We’ve learned that from the early Biblical teachings.

What is the most difficult part of writing a children's book?

For me, it is keeping the story within the right age level of understanding. That’s why I am writing an “All God’s Critters” novel for young adults that have a compilation of five different but related stories, yet there will be five individual toddler books in the series. There will be more All God’s Critters series to come.

Have you entertained the idea of writing a book in a different genre?

My concentration at this time is only on my “All God’s Critters” novel and toddler books. Perhaps at a later date.

All of your books have morals and Christian values instilled in the story. Do you feel that it is important for children's books to teach as well as entertain?

There are many great Biblical children’s books available for teaching. My books are different, in that fun and play lets them experience those things in a way that they will remember easier. An example is in the songs they’ll get to sing for Jesus. Then in the book Sal and Sally, they’ll get to blow bubbles for Jesus. Is that fun or what?

What, in your opinion, are the most important thing children and parents can learn from your books?

A great way of letting children experience what God wants them to know.

What's next for Jay Miller?

I will continue work on my “All God’s Critters” novel and toddler
books. I plan on trudging ahead, as I have faith in what God wants me to do.

Would you like to add any final thoughts before we close?

I appreciate all the hard work that you and Jo Anne are doing in promoting my books. Both of you are doing a fantastic job. I highly recommend your service to any author who needs professional assistance in promoting their work. It’s much more fun writing and leaving the difficult part for you professionals. To all the readers, I hope you’ll give my books a try. God Bless - Jay Miller

To learn more about author Jay Miller and his books, visit his site at:
My Bingo Books, where you will be able to read official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos.