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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear"


From the time that he was just a young cub, Bingo has always been musically inclined. In fact, the only thing that he wants to do more than sing and dance is have a banjo to play; that way, he'll be free to strum on it all day long, making all kinds of music and singing all kinds of songs.

So imagine Bingo's surprise when he goes fishing with his Grandpa one day and catches a little fish in their favorite fishing hole--who promptly promises to grant him any wish he desires as long as he agrees to let him go...so, what does Bingo wish for? A banjo of course--but, after letting the fish go, the banjo is nowhere to be found, and, as the years go by, it never shows up.
True to form, though, Bingo and his Grandpa heads back to their favorite fishing hole one day--and, much to his surprise, Bingo catches the same little fish that he did before. Only this time, the fish has gotten much bigger and would make quite a good meal for Bingo and his Grandpa--that is, until he gives Bingo a bit of news that just may change his mind...

Book 1 in the "All God's Critters" series is an enjoyable treat for young readers. In it, author Jay Miller gives a genuine an exuberance to Bingo that ultimately proves infectious as you find yourself bopping and singing along to his musical zeal. Also, the volume is amply and richly illustrated, which does much to bring Bingo to life, veritably dancing off the page.

"Bingo The Banjo Picking Bear" will surely liven up many a bedtime readings, at the same time teaching youngsters all over the world that their most fervent wishes can indeed come true--as long as they're made for the right reasons.
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Note: I am the Founder of the newly formed “Rock the Babies” Foundation. Ten percent of all royalties from these books go to the Grace for Children Foundation Inc. to support needy children. Please feel free to visit my site there for details.

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