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Ages: Infant to 8 yrs old

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Opal, Herby, and Squeaky


Opal is an adorable little kitten, but she's homeless, and when a kind-hearted woman offers to adopt her one day, Opal is elated. Her new owner's offer, though, is based on one condition: that Opal catch a little gray mouse running free in her house, to which Opal gladly agrees.

Upon arriving at her new home, Opal becomes fast friends with Herby, her owner's lovable wiener dog, who soon lets her know exactly why the rouge mouse, Squeaky, is such a problem: every night after Herby goes to sleep, Squeaky sneaks out of his hole in the wall and steals all of the food out of Herby's bowl. Herby then goes hungry all of the next day because he has no food to eat.

After learning of Herby's ongoing plight, Opal commits herself to putting a stop to Squeaky's hijacks once and for all--but she soon finds that her task isn't as easy as it sounds. However, rather than allow herself to grow frustrated, she asks God for His help in figuring out precisely how to catch Squeaky in the act--and ultimately have the little critter for her own dinner. God then gives Opal the answer--but on one condition: that Opal gives Squeaky the chance to repent once he's been caught, and, if he does, so, Opal must allow him to go free.
Soon thereafer, Opal finally catches Squeaky, but she stays true to her promise to God and gives him the chance to repent--and little does Squeaky know, his ultimate decision will prove much more consequential than he realizes...

Book 3 is a delightful children's tale by Christian Fiction author Jay Miller. In it, Miller skillfully spurs original thought in the minds of young readers, helping them realize that for every action there is a consequence--be it good or bad--and that each decision we make must be preceded by careful, deliberate forethought. By doing so, we can prevent ourselves from falling into pratfalls that often accompany the folly of diving head-first into situations whose virtue is superficial at best.

Miller also does a commendable job of displaying the transcendent power of forgiveness, particularly the second chances with which it provides us all. As we are all human, we are all prone to making mistakes, but the importance of patience and understanding in the face of common error is not often stressed enough--a point that Miller makes in compelling fashion.

"Opal, Herby, and Squeaky" is a welcome literary treat with a powerful, inviting message.

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  1. This is such a cute book! My grand-kids love it as it is one of their favorite ones. We've read it to them so many times that now, even though the youngest of them don't read yet, they can turn the pages and tell us what happens next. It's so adorable. Thanks for the fun times we've had over this one Jay!-Beej