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Friday, May 8, 2009

Opal, Herby, and Squeaky


Title: Opal, Herby, and Squeaky
Author: Jay Miller
ISBN: 978-1-4389-1808-2
Genre: Children (Toddler age 3 to 6)
Pages: 20
Reviewed By: Brian Knight
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Opal is a lovable black cat without a home. Opal’s life changes one day when she crosses the path of a caring human. She is brought to this human’s new home and meets her playmate, Herby, a good natured wiener dog. Quickly, Opal and Herby become the best of friends.

Now in this human’s house, Herby has a problem with Squeaky, a smart mouse. Every night, Herby cannot seem to catch Squeaky who steals his food.

Opal loves to eat mice for a snack, so when she hears of Herby’s problem, she happily volunteers to catch the mouse. Herby is thrilled and accepts Opal’s help with one condition…she must promise not to hurt the mouse. Herby and Opal plan a way to catch Squeaky, but Opal makes no promises.

Squeaky overhears all the details of the trap. That night, she is careful not to get caught.

Opal’s trap fails. She really wants to catch Squeaky so she heeds the advice of Herby and prays to the Lord for guidance.

The Lord instructs Opal on how to catch Squeaky; however, she must give the mouse a chance to repent for stealing. If Squeaky repents, Opal is to release the mouse unharmed.

“Opal, Herby, and Squeaky”, is the third book in the “All God’s Critters” series. On every page, Jay miller fills this delightful tale with eye catching illustrations and lovable characters that will come alive before any youngster’s eyes as the story unfolds. Drawn into this animal world, listeners of any age (young and old) will be hooked right from the start as they are shown the life lessons of powerful morals and values from Opal, Herby, and Squeaky. The listeners learn the importance of friendship, the power of forgiveness, and how the Lord will guide them through prayer.

This tale of a lovable cat, a friendly wiener dog, and a sneaky mouse is a fun story with many teachable moments. You will find yourself laughing along with the character’s dilemmas and satisfied knowing the child you love is learning life lessons.

I highly recommend this book for children and all those who are young at heart. A story no one will ever tire of hearing.

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