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Monday, May 4, 2009

Author Jay Miller Interview

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Author Bio

Jay Miller is an inspirational writer of children literature. Currently, his 3 books, “Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear”, “Sal and Sally”, and “Opal, Herby and Squeaky” from the *All God’s Critters Series* are producing rave comments and 5-star official reviews from all his fans and followers.

Being a grandpa, with a heart of gold and unlimited determination, Jay is on a mission to spread God’s word in an enjoyable way to young children. Through the articulate illustrations and inspirational words from each page, Jay cannot help but smile knowing that Ten percent of all his royalties go to the Grace for Children Foundation Inc. to support needy children as he is the founder of the newly formed “Rock the Babies” Foundation.

To learn more about Jay Miller, please view his site at: http://www.mybingobooks.com, where you will be able to read author interviews, official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos on each told tale.

What motivated you too write children's books?

My intentions were to write mystery novels. But when the time came to get started, I think Jesus had other plans. He put beautiful, innocent words and thoughts in my mind, which led me instead, to carry His message of love to little children. I have found much joy in that.

You have developed so many wonderful and colorful characters for your books. Which character is your favorite? Why?

Bingo, because he was my first fun character. He also plays a big role in my “All God’s Critters” Young adult novel I’m writing. (Comedy/Adventure) Bears are easy, lovable, and fun to write about. Did you know that Dancing Bears only appear to be dancing? Most likely, they’ve been Bee stung in the rear end while trying to rob honey.
Opal runs a close 2nd. She’ll steal a lot of hearts.

Music and song play a large role in your stories. Are you a musician as well as an author?

Yes, I play several musical instruments, but not professional. My intention however is for the children to experience Christian values and morals, to sing and play for the Lord. He likes music. We’ve learned that from the early Biblical teachings.

What is the most difficult part of writing a children's book?

For me, it is keeping the story within the right age level of understanding. That’s why I am writing an “All God’s Critters” novel for young adults that have a compilation of five different but related stories, yet there will be five individual toddler books in the series. There will be more All God’s Critters series to come.

Have you entertained the idea of writing a book in a different genre?

My concentration at this time is only on my “All God’s Critters” novel and toddler books. Perhaps at a later date.

All of your books have morals and Christian values instilled in the story. Do you feel that it is important for children's books to teach as well as entertain?

There are many great Biblical children’s books available for teaching. My books are different, in that fun and play lets them experience those things in a way that they will remember easier. An example is in the songs they’ll get to sing for Jesus. Then in the book Sal and Sally, they’ll get to blow bubbles for Jesus. Is that fun or what?

What, in your opinion, are the most important thing children and parents can learn from your books?

A great way of letting children experience what God wants them to know.

What's next for Jay Miller?

I will continue work on my “All God’s Critters” novel and toddler
books. I plan on trudging ahead, as I have faith in what God wants me to do.

Would you like to add any final thoughts before we close?

I appreciate all the hard work that you and Jo Anne are doing in promoting my books. Both of you are doing a fantastic job. I highly recommend your service to any author who needs professional assistance in promoting their work. It’s much more fun writing and leaving the difficult part for you professionals. To all the readers, I hope you’ll give my books a try. God Bless - Jay Miller

To learn more about author Jay Miller and his books, visit his site at:
My Bingo Books, where you will be able to read official book reviews, story summaries, and view videos.

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